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Research Project Roadmap

A Full year before you want to graduate:

  1. Develop your research proposal.
  2. Complete Research Project Proposal (RP1) Form and submit to Gail Ladd
  3.  John  Williams/Scott Palmer will contact you if changes are needed.  They will identify your Committee Chair, Committee Member and Mentor.  They will send an official notification (RP2) to you that the proposal is approved.


 Your proposal is approved:

  1. Convene your Committee within the month your proposal is approved.  If you are unable to meet in person, work with Gail to set up an on line meeting.
  2. Within a week of your initial meeting, submit Initial Meeting Form (RP3) with summary of key discussion items and any planned chages to the protocol to your Committee members and Gail.
  3.  Keep in regular contact with your Committee.
  4. Begin work on your Research Project.


2 months before you plan to Defend:

  1. Submit a forma written progress report (RP5) to your Committee members and Gail.  Use RP Mid-Point Progress Report form.


1 month before you plan to Defend:

  1. Submit final manuscript to Committee and to Gail.
  2. Set oral defense date and location.


You have defended!

  1. Submit the RP Contribution checklist form (RP6) detailing your roles in the project.
  2. If necessary, complete any required modifications and resubmit to the Committee Chair and Gail.

While you can start your project at any point during your time in CRTP, you must register for the 12 credits the semester before you plan to graduate.